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  • Do I need a text messaging plan?
  • A text message plan is not required to use Sprint Family Locator. Even if you have text messaging turned off, you can still subscribe and use the service.

  • How do I use Sprint Family Locator from my mobile phone?
  • Sprint Family Locator has a mobile browser application that allows you to locate your family members from any mobile phone. Simply point your phone browser to www.SFLmobile.com and sign in with the same phone number and password you use to access Sprint Family Locator from your computer.

    Note: Mobile web usage rates apply.

  • Can Sprint Family Locator find a lost or stolen phone?
  • If you are the account holder for the lost or stolen phone, you can sign up for Sprint Family Locator.

    Note: The phone must be turned on and in Sprint network coverage to be located. The location will be approximate and will not be accurate enough to find a lost phone in a specific room in a house. When a handset becomes locatable, it receives a text message saying that it can be located.

  • Why don't I always get a location?
  • Sprint Family Locator uses the GPS technology built-in to your family's mobile phones to get their locations. GPS location can be very accurate (within a few yards) if the phone can "see" the GPS satellites. If the phone is indoors or in a place where it cannot directly see the GPS satellites, the system automatically uses alternative location technologies. In these cases, you may receive a location with an accuracy of a few hundred yards or more. When you request a location you will be given the best possible location fix given the conditions.

    In some situations, Sprint Family Locator will not be able to locate a phone. The most common reasons are:

    • The phone is powered off.
    • The phone's battery has run out.
    • The phone is not in Sprint network coverage.

    In these cases, Sprint Family Locator will tell you that the phone was not able to be located.

    Note: If you have received a location from a phone before, but are experiencing difficulty getting a location, try power cycling the phone:

    1. If Location/GPS is Off, select On.
    2. If Location/GPS is On, select Off.
    3. Power the phone off.
    4. Remove the phone battery. Wait 30 seconds.
    5. Reinsert the battery and power the phone back on.
    6. Make an outbound call.
    7. Switch Location back On if you had turned it Off.

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